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Dr. Carolin Krahn

University Assistant (post doc) in Historical Musicology

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University of Vienna | Department of Musicology
Spitalgasse 2–4, Hof 9 (Campus)
A-1090 Vienna

Room 3A O1 29 | phone: (+43 1) 4277 442 11

E-mail: carolin.krahn@univie.ac.at

Office hours by appointment.

Questions on studying abroad are most welcome, too!

Current research

  • Johann Friedrich Rochlitz's impact on music history
  • Notions of the "musical Italy" and of "Italian music" in the German-speaking world ca. 1800
  • Music historiography in light of stereotype formation in the early 19th century
  • 20th-century music
  • Musicology in relation to the fields of "music dramaturgy" and "Musikvermittlung"
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