Courses taught | Dr. Carolin Krahn

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* = taught in English

University of Vienna (Department of Musicology)

Summer semester 2020
• What Does "Music" Mean? (B.A. reading course)
• Grazie, prego, scusi…amore! Stereotypes in Italo Pop since 1945 (B.A./M.A. seminar)

Winter semester 2019/2020
• Music in Rome during the early 20th century (Lecture series)
• Music appreciation: formats, strategies and challenges (internship)

Summer semester 2019
• Modernità e tradizione: Music in Italy during the 1920ies (M.A. seminar)
• Seminar for M.A. candidates 

Winter semester 2018/19
• Religious 'opere serie'? Joseph Haydn's Spiritual Oratorios (B.A. seminar)
• Current Musicology (B.A./M.A. course)
 Unit Hitparade in the context of Julio Mendívil's Schlager Don't Lie: Historical, Sociomusicological and Ethnomusicological Perspectives (B.A. seminar)

Summer semester 2018
• Seminar for M.A. candidates (with Michele Calella)
• * Musicologies Around the World (M.A. seminar with Scott Edwards)
• Critics, Literati, Connoisseurs. Music Authors in the 19th Century (B.A. seminar)

Winter semester 2017/18
• Tracing Stravinskij: "Petrushka", "L'Histoire du soldat", "Oedipus rex" (B.A. seminar)

Winter semester 2015/16
• „Ueber den Zustand der Musik in Italien, vornämlich in…“ Venedig: Bilder von italienischer Musik in der AmZ um 1800
Unit in the context of Venedig: Musikalische Anatomie einer Stadt (B.A./M.A. lecture)

Summer semester 2015
• The Manufacturing of Music History. How 19th-century Vienna Became a Metropolis of Austro-German Music (B.A. course)

Roma Tre Università degli Studi (Dipartimento di Filosofia, Arte e Spettacolo)

Summer semester 2019
Unit L'opera aperta: riflessioni musicali (B.A. course, taught in Italian)

Hochschule für Musik Detmold (Department of Music Education & Music Management)

Summer semester 2017
• Information – Entertainment – Inspiration. Pre-concert Talks at the Crossroads of Highbrow Culture and Shibboleth (M.Mus. seminar)

Stanford University (Department of Music)

Summer term 2013
• * Vienna 1900: Culture, Science, Politics (Unit in B.A. course with Adrian Daub)

Spring term 2013
• * Concepts of New Music (B.A. course with Stephen Hinton)

Winter term 2013
• * Music History 1600–1830 (B.A. course with Francesca Draughon)

Fall term 2012
• * Introduction to Music Theory (B.A. course with Talya Berger)

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (Institute for Music Research)

Winter semesters 2006/07 and 2007/08
• Introduction to Historical Musicology (Tutorial)