Bachelor’s degree in Musicology

(Version 2016, degree program number: 033 636 [3])

The Bachelor’s degree in Musicology is worth 180 ECTS credits, lasts for six semesters (standard course duration) and is concluded with the title of Bachelor of Arts (BA). Students can start the degree program in the winter semester and in the summer semester. In the first semester an introductory and orientation phase has to be completed which is then followed by the compulsory modules and subsequently by optional modules. Two bachelor’s assignments have to be written during the degree program, and courses totalling 30 ECTS credits have to be completed from extension curricula.

Conditions for admission to the program:

  • School leaving/university entrance examination or Studienberechtigungsprüfung (the latter is an examination taken at the university to decide whether a potential student without the standard qualifications has the knowledge and/or ability to purse a particular degree program).
  • Knowledge of Latin: relevant information can be obtained here and here.
  • The following are desirable but not obligatory: a knowledge of general music theory at the level of the school leaving/university entrance examination as taken at general secondary schools in Austria (music notation, types of scales, intervals, triads and circles of fifths - examples of these are given here), as well as practical experience of music making.

Curriculum for the Bachelor’s degree in Musicology (version 2016)

An overview of the degree program is provided here.

A graphical representation of the degree program is provided here.

General information on admission to the University of Vienna is available here.

Please address questions about admission to Studienservice und Lehrwesen (Teaching Affairs and Student Services).