Welcome to the information area for international exchange students of Musicology at the University of Vienna

This page provides information about your ERASMUS+ stay at the University of Vienna for our subject. Please read this information carefully. If you have additional questions please contact the subject coordinator whose name was given in your letter of acceptance.

Please also read the checklist from the International Office which is relevant for your stay. This provides you with important general information (not specific to the subject you are studying). This can be located in the contacts on the right-hand edge of the page (checklists).

Your contact at the Institute of Musicology:

Sonja Tröster (Mobility Coordination)
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 9 (Campus), 1090 Wien, Austria
Room 3A O1 11 
To arrange an appointment please send an e-mail.

 Information on procedures (click on the headings)


  • 1. Contacts

    Subject coordinator

    For specific questions about your degree program in Musicology please contact your subject coordinator. She can give you answers to questions about the learning agreement, about registering for courses and examinations, about courses in English and to questions about specific courses.

    Your subject coordinator for Musicology is the mobility coordinator Sonja Tröster (see above).

    If you are coming to Vienna to do research (for example on your Master’s dissertation), and apart from your own research work also need additional support, please talk to your subject coordinator about this as soon as possible.

    International Office

    For all general queries about your ERASMUS stay, please visit the website of the International Office. The International Office receives your nomination from your home university and sends you your letter of acceptance. The International Office is responsible for questions related to your admission and your student ID card, and for queries about accommodation and living in Vienna etc.

  • 2. Teaching curriculum and the selection of courses

    Course catalogue

    The teaching curriculum of our subject can be viewed in the course catalogue. In the course catalogue you can find all of the details alongside the respective course, such as the number of teaching units per week, at what time they begin, the number of ECTS credits awarded, the language of instruction, etc. If you should require more details about a course, please contact your subject coordinator.

    The course catalogue for the coming winter or summer semester is available from around August or January respectively. If you should require an overview before that, such as for the learning agreement, please use the course catalogue of the winter or summer semester of the previous year. Please note that not all courses are offered in every semester.

    Our courses normally take place at the Institute of Musicology, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 9 (Campus), 1090 Vienna.

    Language-related requirements

    In order to study Musicology, German at B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required (for students from Ljubljana: B2). No official certificate about your language skills at this level is required, but your home university has to confirm in its online nomination that you have reached the language level required for our subject at the time you begin your studies in Vienna. However, please be aware of the fact that possessing at least a basic knowledge of German is recommended to be able to live in Vienna.

    In our subject there are only few courses in English.

    ECTS and courses

    Please note that your home university stipulates how many courses you have to complete and how many ECTS credits you have to acquire at the University of Vienna. At least three courses in the subject of Musicology have to be completed.

    The University of Vienna distinguishes between different types of courses. Lectures (VO) and Konversatorium (KO) (the latter are courses in the form of discussions where the lecturer answers students’ questions) are not continuously assessed. Attendance is not obligatory, and performance is assessed at the end of the semester, usually by means of a written or oral examination.
    Exercises (UE), proseminars (PS) and seminars (SE) are courses which are continuously assessed, and where attendance is obligatory. Performance is assessed on the basis of regular contributions (for example, answering questions in class and submitting written exercises), presentations and intermediate tests, writing an academic paper, and final written or oral tests.

    Assessment is carried out on the basis of five grades ranging from 1 (very good) to 5 (unsatisfactory).
    As exchange students, you do not have to attend any of the courses of the introductory and orientation phase.

    Students who have been nominated for a Bachelor’s degree program can usually also attend courses from the Master’s degree program as long as they possess the necessary prior knowledge. In any case, this should be clarified in advance with the subject coordinator.

    If you have been nominated for Musicology by your home university, you have the opportunity to attend and complete any courses offered in our subject. With regard to taking part in exercises (UE), proseminars (PS) and seminars (SE), please contact your subject coordinator to talk about this in detail. Please send us a current transcript of records (i.e. a list from your university of all exams taken and the results) to help us process these issues more easily. Due to the large number of students in our subject, places in exercises (UE), proseminars (PS) or seminars (SE) cannot be guaranteed before the beginning of the semester.

    Attending courses in Musicology by students of other subjects

    Exchange students who have not been nominated for Musicology and would nevertheless like to attend courses in our subject can attend lectures (VO). It is not necessary to speak to your subject coordinator in order to do so. You only need to contact her in this case if you also require a signature on your learning agreement for this lecture or lectures. It is not possible for students of other subject to participate in courses with compulsory attendance (e.g. seminars).

  • 3. Learning agreement and confirmations

    Learning agreement

    It is sufficient if you present your learning agreement to us at the beginning of your stay after arriving in Vienna. To do so, please come to see your subject coordinator in person so that any details which might need to be talked about can be dealt with right away. For orientation purposes, before you arrive in Vienna please send us an e-mail with a list of the courses you would like to attend.

    Confirmation of other courses

    Please note that our mobility coordinator can only confirm courses in Musicology. For courses in other subjects, a separate learning agreement should be presented. Further details on this topic can be viewed here.

    Participation in language courses at the language centre and in courses related to Austria is confirmed by the International Office and not by our subject coordinator.

    Subject-specific confirmations

    If you have special forms from your home university in which subject-specific information such as the language of instruction has to be confirmed, please come and see your subject coordinator upon appointment. If only the date of your registration and deregistration at the International Office of the University of Vienna has to be confirmed on this form, please get in touch directly with the International Office.

  • 4. Registration for courses

    Deadlines for registration

    Registration for courses in Musicology usually takes place at the beginning of September for the winter semester, and at the beginning of February for the summer semester. During these periods, registration is not carried out on a first come, first served basis.

    Please note that you have to register even if you are only interested in a course. It is not possible to attend a course without registration (deadlines for registration).

    Registration for courses takes place via U:SPACE. You do not have to be in Vienna already in order to register. You receive your matriculation number in good time by e-mail as well as an explanation of how you can activate your u:account in order to carry out registration.

    The registration process

    To register for a course, follow the registration link in the course catalogue. You can find this link in the detailed text about the respective course below the point “registration/deregistration”. (Please note: this link is only activated during the registration period). During registration, please choose the option [Erasmus-Modul] from the menu item “Studienplanpunkt”. Additional information is available here.

    Successful registration for a course is shown by the fact that you see the status ‘registered’ in U:SPACE If another status is displayed there, please get in touch with your subject coordinator to clarify the issue. In the case of courses with obligatory attendance, it is absolutely necessary to attend the first unit of the course. If you do not show up without having given a valid reason beforehand, you might lose your place on the course.

    If you have been put on the waiting list, you should make sure that you go to the first unit of the course. There you will be informed about whether you have obtained a place on the course.

    Further general information on the topic of registering for courses at the University of Vienna is available via this link.


    If you do not want to participate in a course after all, please cancel your registration on U:SPACE as soon as possible: in this way, it might be possible for us to give your place to someone else. If you decide during a semester that you no longer wish to take part in a course, it is possible to cancel your registration via U:SPACE until 31 October (winter semester) or 30 April (summer semester). Please also inform your course leader that you have cancelled your registration.

    If you forget to cancel your registration, this can result in the course being entered into your transcript of records with a negative grade.

  • 5. Examinations and transcript of records

    In order to take an examination, it is usually necessary to register for the examination via U:SPACE. Registration for examinations normally takes place 1–3 weeks before the examination itself.

    Examination dates

    Examination dates are usually announced at the first teaching unit after the beginning of a semester (at the latest). Examinations normally take place at the end of the semester or up to a week after the end of the semester.

    Transcript of records / confirmation of participation

    All grades including announcement of the ECTS are announced in U:SPACE within a month of the examination. You can print out your transcript of records including a digital signature yourself via U:SPACE until at least the end of April (winter semester) or the end of November (summer semester).

    If you do not need a grade, but only a certificate of participation without the inclusion of ECTS credits, please speak to the course leader about this wish right at the beginning of the course at the start of the semester.