Film „~KIRAIÑIA (Long Flutes)“


Documentary by Juan Castrillón, Review by Lynn Abel

The viewing and analysis of the documentary film „~KIRAIÑIA (Long Flutes)“ was part of the seminar „Introduction to ethnomusicological Amazonia research in the context of Gender and Decolonial Studies“ (lecturer Nora Bammer, 2020S). The musical practices of the Cubeo Emi-Hehénewa in Southern Colombian Amazonia are in the center of this documentary film by ethnomusicologist Juan Castrillón. The Colombian director – who is currently a PhD candidate in Philadelphia – created a best practice example of decolonizing ethnomusicological field research together with the Cubeo Emi-Hehénewa. He shared an in-depth insight into the details of both his research and the film in an exclusive online Q&A with the participants of the seminar.

Read the review by Lynn Abel.