Publikationen Anja-Xiaoxing Cui

Here is a network of some key words and phrases from my publications. This illustration is meant to provide a rough overview of the content you can find in the list below. Where possible, links are digital object identifiers.


Hentschel, F. & Cui, A. X. - Exploring 19th-century perception of “uncanny” music using a semantic network approach

Kreutz, G. & Cui, A. X. - Music empathizing and music systemizing are associated with music listening reward.

Cui, A. X., Motamed Yeganeh, N., Sviatchenko, O., Leavitt, T., McKee, T., Guthier, C., Hermiston, N., & Boyd, L. - The phantoms of the opera – Stress offstage and stress onstage.

Cui, A. X., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Electrophysiological and behavioral indicators of musical knowledge about unfamiliar music.

Kraeutner, S., Cui, A. X., Boyd, L. A., & Boe, S. G. - Modality of practice modulates resting state connectivity during motor learning.


Brook, J. E., & Cui, A. X. - Place-based music education in a Canadian Sistema-inspired music program

Munhall, K. G., Cui, A. X., O’Donoghue, E., Lamontagne, S., & Lutes, D. - Perceptual Control of Speech

Neto, P., Cui, A. X., Rojas, P., Vanzella, P., & Cuddy, L. L. - Not just cents: Physical and psychological influences on interval perception


Lantz, M. E., Cui, A. X., & Cuddy, L. L. - The role of duration and frequency of occurrence in perceived pitch structure


Cui, A. X., Diercks, C., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Short and long term representation of an unfamiliar tone distribution.


Cui, A. X., Collett, M., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Familiarity and preference for pitch probability profiles.

Saravanan, V., Arabali, D., Jochems, A., Cui, A. X., Gootjes-Dreesbach, L., Cutsuridis, V., & Yoshida, M. - Transition between encoding and consolidation/replay dynamics via cholinergic modulation: a modelling study.