Mary Kirchdorfer, MA

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Praedoc)
in dem Projekt „Konzertleben in Wien (1780–1830)“

Mary Elizabeth Kirchdorfer studied harp at the University of Augsburg (2016) before obtaining an assistantship at the University of Minnesota, where she completed her MA in Musicology (2018). Mary moved to Austria on a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship (2018–2020). Since then, she has been teaching harp in her studio in Vienna and working as an educator since the Covid-19 pandemic. Mary now works as a musicological assistant for the project The Young Beethoven, or Beethoven the Younger with Dr. John Wilson at the ÖAW. In 2022, Mary began working on her doctorate at the University of Vienna and is contributing to the FWF project Concert Life in Vienna: 1780–1830.


Zimmer-Nr.: 3A 01 22A


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