Publikationen Anja-Xiaoxing Cui

Here is a network of some key words and phrases from my publications. This illustration is meant to provide a rough overview of the content you can find in the list below. Where possible, links are digital object identifiers.


Cui, A. X., Kraeutner, S., Motamed Yeganeh, N., Hermiston, N., Werker, J. F., & Boyd, L. - Resting-state brain connectivity correlates of musical sophistication.

Hermiston, N., Motamed Yeganeh, N., & Cui, A. X. - Opera (training (research)) during lockdown

Motamed Yeganeh, N., McKee, T., Werker, J. F., Hermiston, N., Boyd, L. A., & Cui, A. X. - Opera singers' cognitive functioning is associated with physiological stress during performance.

Vanstone, A. D., Cui, A. X., & Cuddy, L. - Using fsQCA to illuminate person attributes of music engagement in Alzheimer's disease.


Cui, A. X., Motamed Yeganeh, N., Sviatchenko, O., Leavitt, T., McKee, T., Guthier, C., Hermiston, N., & Boyd, L. - The phantoms of the opera – Stress offstage and stress onstage.

Cui, A. X., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Electrophysiological and behavioral indicators of musical knowledge about unfamiliar music.

Hentschel, F. & Cui, A. X. - Exploring 19th-century perception of “uncanny” music using a semantic network approach

Kraeutner, S., Cui, A. X., Boyd, L. A., & Boe, S. G. - Modality of practice modulates resting state connectivity during motor learning.

Kreutz, G. & Cui, A. X. - Music empathizing and music systemizing are associated with music listening reward.


Brook, J. E., & Cui, A. X. - Place-based music education in a Canadian Sistema-inspired music program

Munhall, K. G., Cui, A. X., O’Donoghue, E., Lamontagne, S., & Lutes, D. - Perceptual Control of Speech

Neto, P., Cui, A. X., Rojas, P., Vanzella, P., & Cuddy, L. L. - Not just cents: Physical and psychological influences on interval perception


Lantz, M. E., Cui, A. X., & Cuddy, L. L. - The role of duration and frequency of occurrence in perceived pitch structure


Cui, A. X., Diercks, C., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Short and long term representation of an unfamiliar tone distribution.


Cui, A. X., Collett, M., Troje, N. F., & Cuddy, L. L. - Familiarity and preference for pitch probability profiles.

Saravanan, V., Arabali, D., Jochems, A., Cui, A. X., Gootjes-Dreesbach, L., Cutsuridis, V., & Yoshida, M. - Transition between encoding and consolidation/replay dynamics via cholinergic modulation: a modelling study.