African Perspectives

On the occasion of Gerhard Kubik’s 70th birthday scholars from most diverse disciplines and different cultures were invited to take part in an international symposium. This symposium was held at the Institute of Musicology of the University of Vienna in December 2004. The participants, whose lectures are published in the present book, came from various European countries and the USA, as well as from Japan and Africa.

The symposium was dedicated to the work of Gerhard Kubik. The scholar, who was born in Vienna, is one of the leading and most estimated ethnomusicologists of our time. His diversified cultural approach and his decidedly intra-cultural working method have always met with highest international approval. In the course of the past four decades Gerhard Kubik has undertaken extended field research every year, which up to now has lead him to eighteen African countries, to Brazil and the USA.

“African perspectives” presents the scientific results of his friends and colleagues as well as the research activities of Gerhard Kubik.



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