Musicology Reading Groups

13.10.2023 15:00

Reading Groups concerning Music Cognition, Ethnomusicology and Historical Musicology (start time changed!)

Marc Brooks, Anja-Xiaoxing Cui, and Martin Ringsmut are organizing a reading group to be held on Fridays. Every third Friday at 10 am during the semester starting on October 20th, the Vienna Music Cognition Reading Group convenes to discuss recent articles relevant to Systematic Musicology, continuing our meetings from last year. The group currently has members from all three Vienna-based universities with music cognition researchers and rotates between institutions (Uni Wien, mdw, CEU). At 3 pm (start time changed), every third Friday, starting on October 13th, we start a new reading group of more interest to Ethnomusicology and Historical Musicologists. We envisage covering texts that will be of broad interest across the humanities—historical memory/reminiscence, ecological perception, identities, critical theory, posthumanism, performativity, reception aesthetics and theory, etc., etc.—but we are open to any topics, including of course those specifically concerning music. Please email Anja (Systematic Musicology) or Marc or Martin (Historical Musicology and Ethnomusicology) telling us, first, if you are interested and want to receive email invitations, and, second, what areas you would like to see covered and suggestions for texts.